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Click on the Edit in button in the upper right corner of the terminal below. This will take you to the website, where you can create a free account (recommended, if you haven't already). Then, you can write, run, and save your own code to answer the questions below (also provided as comments on the site):



Using the cookie image above (right-click and save as "cookies.jpg"), you will identify where the palm tree cookie template below (right-click and save as "cookietemplate.jpg") best matches the image.


1  # Now it's your turn! Write in your solutions below the appropriate comment

2  # Click the run button at the top to check your answers

3  # Solutions will be provided when you complete the entire 4 lesson

4  # Reminder: In order to see any output, commands must be wrapped in print() statements (e.g. "print(1 + 2)" will print 3 to the dark console while "1 + 2" will not have any output)

5  #import necessary packages

6  import numpy as np

7  import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

8  from skimage import io

9  from skimage.feature import match_template

10 #read in image

11 imagefile = io.imread('cookies.jpg', as_gray = True)


13 #read in template image

14 template = io.imread('cookietemplate.jpg', as_gray = True)


16 #Identify the location in the cookie image where the template 3 best matches

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